special letter to a special person

Es lebe die Melancholie

Hoch hoch hoch
Runter runter runter
Wechselbad der gefühle
Stehst zwischen 2 steinen

Einer mag dich, einer ist weich
Der andere hasst, und ist hart
Aber du magst sie beide
Stehst auf messers schneide

Und lässt es kreisen
Das messer aus eisen
Rot rot rot
Bringt befriedigung

Der eine stein für außen
Der andere für innen
Aber sie sind beide noch weich und zart
Du stehst noch draußen
Unter regenrinnen
Der äußere werde hart
Das ist klar, vom start (an)

But this world does not care about weak
and meek
It cares about cruelty and

That’s the law, made by this society
So show them your big, fat, ugly ass
That they will always remember you
……….as something to fear

something, that’s better than their simple, ordinary life
their Saturdays car washing, their weekly cutting grass
their hailing the flag, their hatin’ the black
something independent, liberal
something tolerant, special
something beautiful,
like hoarfrost in summer
like snow in june

something, that doesn’t fit
a square hole,
between round eggs

I can go on and on telling comparisons
But think, I never find the right words, to describe a glimpse of light of your person
But hey…….your lucky (inner) winter has arrived
Forget about summer and spring……….live your life
And don´t think about others………others are normal……
They didn´t tell (and won´t) tell you anything about you, only that your life sucks
They are envy about you and your look, friendship, your way of life
Not knowing how to live a life of their own
Only knowing the rules of this society….and live by the rules means die by the rules
You’re an outcast, don´t need any sympathy from “people”
Believe in yourself…………and remember old friends, even if they are on the other side of Valhalla

11.6.07 22:35


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